ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

2011 Testimonials

“This unique forum will help facilitate the partnerships necessary to bring game-changing technologies to market quickly, which is critical to securing America's global technology leadership and creating new jobs.”
Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy
“The variety in participation from quality organizations made the ARPA-E Summit a worthwhile investment.”
Jessica Ballard, Infinia
“The conference created a provocative climate for discourse of all stakeholders interested in energy innovation.”
“I found that the Summit brought together a very functional blend of industry and academia to address the US’ energy issues and taking the proactive approach to solving the problems of transitioning from conventional to alternative energy.”
“I was very interested in learning what sorts of project had been funded in the first go-rounds by ARPA-E and I managed to do that quite well in the Showcase.”
“This meeting helps me to understand big pictures of DOE/ARPA E's mission and get a sense about future program directions, and also presents an opportunity for public to ask open questions. The meeting is inclusive, drawing diverse of attendees. It is a great avenue to enhance transparency of program funding and public awareness about who gets funding to solve what problems. I am glad to learn from this kind of meeting that the DOE/ARPA E leadership is very aware of the energy problems in USA and has been working hard to address them. Overall, the meeting is informative and inspirational.”
Wei Liu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“The Pre-Conference workshop day was by far one of the most valuable aspects of the entire event. I could have attended only it and walked away satisfied.”
Charisse McAuliffe, VanDyne SuperTurbo
“The Summit provided an excellent combination and balance of presentations and networking opportunities. The large turnout, with its blend of senior government, industry, and academic attendees, is one of the distinguishing attributes of the Summit.”
Dr. Donald L. Paul, Executive Director of the USC Energy Institute
“This is the premier annual US energy advanced technology symposium. Loved the Technology Showcase, and the Government leadership visions and plans on where we all need to focus next.”
Dave Thompson, Diversified Energy Corp
“Everything exceeded our expectations and we left with a better understanding of what is to come.”
“Having worked on renewable energy technologies for over 35 years (29 years at NREL), it was exciting to explore new ideas and to revisit old concepts that might now succeed because of new materials or technologies. The Technology Showcase was THE BEST. I visited it several times each day to talk with many capable technologists. The ARPA-E evaluation and due diligence processes did a good job.”
Robert McConnell, Ph.D., Amonix, Inc.
“It gave me a better view of the field and opened my eyes to areas that people are working in to improve efficiency and come up with alternative sources, and I may have even met a future employer!”
“I'm excited to again bring our nation's brightest minds to Washington to discuss solutions to our energy challenges.”
Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy
“The showcase offered FastCAP non-stop action with regard to networking opportunities. At one point, all of our team members were each actively engaged with groups of 4-5 people - potential collaborators, suppliers, students looking for internships, media, customers, and the like. That type of concentrated interaction with groups of people so directly relevant to our needs and mission is simply invaluable to the company.”
Jamie Beard, FastCAP Systems
“I thought the ARPA-E Innovation summit presented a very focused agenda around the energy market with a local (USA) perspective. The selection of keynote speakers gave interesting and thought provoking speeches, the range and scale of the discussion gave me a very up to date snapshot of the USA energy market and the major individuals and organizations that are innovating around this space. The breakout sessions and workshop presentations provided me with accurate project information, up to the moment statistics and a lot of innovative ideas. The summit also gave me significant opportunity to network directly with government agencies and officials that may be able to facilitate our organizations funding needs.”
David Taylor, Ambature LLC
“The continuous opportunities to network with leading researchers and learn about the development of new technologies was invaluable to me as a student, or anyone interested in the future of green technologies.”
Graduate Student, The City College of New York
“The Energy Innovation Summit is an excellent and efficient means to check the pulse of what is happening in the energy space on all fronts (i.e., research, policy, and private sector development) while making connections at the same time!”
Kerry Bowie, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
“As a student attendee, I found the special student sessions and accomodations to be especially valuable. They provided access to ARPA-E personnel and facilitated networking. Keep doing this!”
“I found the ARPA-E experience to help me think in broader terms regarding energy. I was able to see the leading edge technologies and rub shoulders with some very bright folks. We found business connections and opportunities during our show case experience we did not know existed. The traffic and interest was intense compared to other exhibitions where we have participated.”
Craig Cooley, US Synthetic Bearings
“The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit is the place to discover the technologies helping to solve our nation's energy crisis and to learn from the experts making them happen. I know of no other place to meet the technologists, policymakers, and investors essential for our future security under one roof.”
Michael Belfiore
“The Summit brought together people from every point along the energy and climate spectrum, and included almost every relevant point of view, and it did so in a climate that fostered open minded thinking, unbiased consideration, and collaborative and creative thinking on what is the most important topic of our decade: the provision of safe, secure, clean energy for our world.”
Ken Van Meter, Lockheed Martin

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