Ravi Prasher

Ravi Prasher

Program Director

Ravi Prasher is responsible for leading ARPA-E's Building Energy Efficiency Through Thermodevices Innovation program.

Prior to joining ARPA-E, he was the technology development manager of the "Thermal Core Competency group" at Intel, where his group is responsible for research and development of advanced thermal management technologies for Intel microprocessors.

He is an adjunct professor at Arizona State University (ASU) where he pursues research on energy science and technology in nanostructured materials.

Prasher has published more than 65 archival journal papers in engineering and science journal and three book chapters. He currently holds more than 25 patents in the area of thermoelectrics, thermal interface materials, microchannels, heat pipes and nanotechnology.

Prasher is a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and was the recipient of "Outstanding Young Engineer Award," from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Components, Packaging, & Manufacturing Technology Society in 2006.

Prasher serves on the Ph.D. dissertation committee of students at Stanford, University of California Berkley, Purdue and ASU.

Prasher holds a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Eng. from ASU.

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