George  Church

George Church

Professor of Genetics, Director of the Center for Computational Genetics
Harvard Medical School

1984 Harvard PhD included the first direct genomic sequencing method and molecular multiplexing tags, which lead to automation and software used for the first commercial genome sequence -- pathogen, Helicobacter in 1994. This multiplex solid-phase sequencing evolved into polonies (1999), ABI-SOLiD (2005), open-source (2007), and Complete Genomics (2008). Innovations in DNA reading, writing and cell/tissue engineering lead to consumer-directed genomics (23andme, Knome), synthetic biology (SynBERC, Joule, LS9) & new ethics, safety and security strategies. He founded, which provides the world's only open-access information source for human genomic, environmental and trait data (GET). He is National Academy of Sciences member, Hoogendijk Prize awardee and Franklin Laureate (Bower Prize) for Achievement in Science.