Marshal  Salant

Marshal Salant

Managing Director, Head of Alternative Energy Finance

Marshal Salant is the Head of Citi's Alternative Energy Finance (AEF) Group in the Capital Markets Origination Division. AEF focuses on providing full service financing solutions to Citi's Alternative Energy clients, including Construction Financing, Project Debt Financing in the Bank and Bond Markets (144A and 4(2) Private Placements), Tax Equity, Leasing, and Project Equity, as well as commodities, interest rate, and FX hedging. AEF is active in Wind, Solar, and Geothermal Power projects, as well as Fuel Cells, Biomass, Synfuels, and other new renewable energy technologies, and Energy Efficiency financings.

Marshal joined Citi from Morgan Stanley, where he was a member of the Capital Markets Management Committee and Head of the Global Structured Products Group. Mr. Salant has broad experience as a financial engineer in Structured Finance and New Product Development of new and complex financial instruments. During his years at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Salant led the development of the Structured Notes business, the Collateralized Bond Obligations business, the Structured Credit business, the Structured Tax business, the Structured Insurance Products business and the FIG Client Solutions business. While at Morgan Stanley, Marshal had significant experience in Synfuel and Alternative Energy Tax Credit/Tax Equity financings in the Wind, Solar, and Geothermal sectors. Mr. Salant oversaw the investment of more than $2 billion in Tax Equity and developed new financing structures, as agent and as principal, for numerous clients in the Alternative Energy business.

Mr. Salant is a Trustee of The Johns Hopkins University. He received his MBA, with Distinction, from The Harvard Business School and holds BA and BES Degrees, with Honors, in Mathematical Sciences, from The Johns Hopkins University.