Deepak  Divan

Deepak Divan

President and CTO

Deepak Divan is President and CTO of Varentec, a company funded by green-tech VC Khosla Ventures, that is providing innovative solutions for a smart and dynamically controllable grid. He has over 35 years of experience in industry and academia in the areas of power electronics applied to utility and industrial systems. Deepak is a Fellow of the IEEE, past President of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, and has been requested to speak at dozens of conferences and symposiums on topics related to next generation power electronics to emerging solutions for dynamic grid control. From 2004-2011, he served as Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Founding Director of the Intelligent Power Infrastructure Consortium at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. From 1995-2004, he served as Founder, Chairman and CEO/CTO of Soft Switching Technologies, a VC funded company in the industrial power quality market. From 1985-95, he was a Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He has over 250 papers and 40 issued and pending patents. His research interests are in grid control, sustainable energy and power electronics.