Bruce  Sohn

Bruce Sohn

MEGE Associates

Bruce Sohn is passionately committed to growing US manufacturing and reducing the adverse effects of energy on our global environment. He is currently a Principal at MEGE Associates where he is focused on addressing the unique needs of building manufacturing businesses in the greentech, electronics and energy products industries.

Mr. Sohn was CEO of Fluidic Energy, an early stage company that is developing disruptive energy storage products that have the potential for higher densities, lower costs and reduced environmental impacts. He was previously President of First Solar and served on the Company’s Board of Directors during the formative and growth years. During his tenure, annual corporate revenue grew to >$3.5B and the company became the largest photovoltaic module manufacturer and builder of utility scale solar power plants in the world.

Mr. Sohn had been at Intel Corporation for 24 years. He played a leadership role in developing and manufacturing leading-edge semiconductor technology. He designed an early generation transistor and spearheaded initiatives in cycle time reduction and automated operations. He was a primary developer of Copy Exactly! and was a thought leader in many operations research topics. He served as an integral part of the start-up team at five Fabs, was program manager for Intel's conversion to 300mm wafers and managed Intel's two largest, multi-billion dollar Fabs.

Mr. Sohn is an engineering graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a certified Jonah and has been a guest lecturer at several universities including MIT, Stanford and Harvard. Tohoku University honored him with the designation of sensei for his semiconductor industry leadership. He has published research in a variety of high technology topics including: applying constraint theory to semiconductor process lines, high-volume factory design, silicon surface defects, oxygen gettering, gate oxide quality, transistor design and statistical design of experiments.

Mr. Sohn currently serves on the Board of Phononic Devices, chaired the US Commerce Department's Manufacturing Council for the Obama administration, and was a Clean Energy Ambassador to the WWF. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and a Senior Member of IEEE.