Nicholas  Cizek

Nicholas Cizek


Nick Cizek is an ARPA-E fellow currently focusing on two primary projects. Working at the energy-water nexus, Cizek is investigating potential technologies to make freshwater production more energy efficient and energy production more water efficient. He is also investigating the potential design, applications, target metrics, and impact of novel heat storage systems.

Prior to joining ARPA-E he completed a Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Stanford University, where he worked in Professor Mark Kasevich's atom interferometry precision sensing group. He researched energy transfer in lithium Bose-Einstein condensates, dilute clouds of ultracold atoms, with a focus on boosting the resolution of sensors like atom-based gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and gravitational sensors.

Cizek is a Hertz Foundation Fellow and received a JP and Danyele Garnier Fellowship from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship.

He has worked as an optical engineer at two startups, in telecommunications and data storage. Two of his microelectromechanical system designs are patented.

Cizek earned a B.A. in Physics, summa cum laude, from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he spent three years researching and completing an honors thesis in Professor Carl Wieman's (Nobel laureate, 2001) atomic physics group.